How did we get this idea?

Not a mountainbike anymore but also not yet a motorcycle…  the eSpire is the 3rd Element.

What is 3Element? (speak “Third Element”)

We are a young company from Munich in Germany. We offer high-end eBikes that are designed and manufactured in Germany.

Where can I testdrive or buy the eSpire?

Please contact directly one of our distributors: [Overview of our Distributors: click here]

Made in Germany is our guiding principle:

Our high-power drive-train, including electronic control unit, hightech-battery and the strong Motor-Gearbox combination designed by CLEAN MOBILE AG in Munich, Germany. The aluminum tubular space frame and the aluminum crank are made by the motorsport specialist GERG GROUP in Hohenthann, southeast of Munich.

Which classifications are possible with the eSpire?

Pedelec – eSpire comp: Motorpower up to 25 km/h, no Drivers license necessary

Motobike – eSpire: Motorpower up to 45 km/h,  small insurance license needed. Drivers license class M or above (Roller), TÜV (Germany) confirmed streetversion.

Can I take the eSpire with me in a aeroplane?

Yes, but be careful with the packing. Also the battery is allowed to be transported in a plane. (Certification UN3480)

Can I ride on a motocross track with the eSpire?

Even if the suspension and the frame are made for that you should be careful with the housing of the battery. [ Our Videos were filmed with professionell motorcycle-drivers ]

How quiet is the eBike?

At 20km/h and above all you can hear is the wind noise.

How much do 100 km cost me?

If you`re driving only with the Electric motor (without pedaling support): Only 30 Cent! If you help with pedaling, less than that.

How far can I go with one charge?

37-84 km with electropower only (please download the testdata-pdf from product, support – downloads), with pedaling much more than that! The pedelec reaches more than 80 km with one battery.

How can I charge the battery?

Our battery is removable. You can charge the battery from a normal 220V socket.

Has the battery to be completly discharged before I charge it?

No. Our Li-Ion battery has no memory effect.

What is the lifetime of the battery?

We guarantee 1500 full charging cycles and we give 3 years warranty on the battery.

Can the battery be recycled?

Yes. The manufacturer guarantees that more than 90% of the battery will be recycled if you send it back.

How long is the charging time?

80% is charged after 45 minutes, after 3 hours the battery is fully recharged.

Which kind of motor uses 3Element?

We use a BLDC motor with an internal gear. Compared to a hub- or brush-engine this motor has a very high torque (150 Nm) – enough for upward gradients over 40%. Also due to it`s position in the lowest point of gravity, the handling of the bike is unmatched.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, a helmet is for the 45km/h-version required. The version up to 25 km/h is free, but we suggest to wear a good bicyclehelmet.

Can I drive in the rain with the eSpire?

Yes.  Our ebike is water resistant.  We advise however that you do not  ride it through deep water or expose any of the drive-train components in high amounts of water.

Will I get fit by driving theSpire?

Yes.  It`s a lot of fun to ride the bike with pedaling so by the end of a long ride you can expect to be puffing and sweating.  The only difference to riding a bicycle is that you’ve covered a lot of ground in a short period of time.